Tent fumigation is recommended when there are numerous areas of dry-wood termite infestation, and in particular when those areas extend into inaccessible parts of the home.  If there are numerous visible infested sections, the likelihood of successfully eradicating them with spot treatment is very low because there are also likely to be many infested areas that are out of sight.


Vikane Gas

When a structure is tent fumigated, Vikane gas is used. All food must be sealed in special bags; Astro Termite will provide the bags and demonstrate their proper use. Plants that are to be saved must be removed from the house. State Law requires that the gas be turned off. Astro Termite will take charge of getting it turned of on the agreed upon date, and you need to arrange to have it turned back on the day after fumigation ends – we will give you the number to call.


The Process

On the day fumigation begins, the fumigator makes certain there are no people or pets inside the house, they then lock it and secure the tarps around the house so that no one can enter before the gas is sent into the dwelling.


Once the structure has been filled with Vikane, the tarp is left on the home for at least 18 hours. Once that time has passed the fumigator, wearing a breathing apparatus, removes the tarps and opens windows to accelerate the dissipation of the gas. State Law requires a wait of at least six hours after the removal of the tent before the building can be re-entered, and the house remains locked during this time. After the required time has passed the fumigator tests air samples to ensure that the house is safe to enter. If the air samples are clean, the fumigator issues a re-entry certificate.



Vikane leaves no residue, so you do not need to clean dishes or linens when you return. This also means the termites can come back at any time, but it takes many years for enough termites to enter your home and reproduce in sufficient quantities to cause noticeable wood damage.


Astro Termite offers a two year warranty on Tent Fumigation. After the two years have ended, you can hire us to provide ongoing termite inspections and control for a reasonable annual fee.