"Our mission is to provide competent, affordable and reliable service to our customers.  We strive to exceed your expectations and hope to make you a customer for life."



We believe that “early is on time, on time is late, and late is unforgivable.”  If they tell you tell you that they will be there at a certain time, odds are, they will be parked down the street five minutes before the appointed time, waiting for the exact minute.  If on a rare occasion, they are going to unavoidably be 10 minutes late, you will get a call. Astro Termite will take the time to respect your time, because it matters.


When you hire Astro Termite to fumigate your house, we will get you back into your house quickly. Astro Termite manages your project timing down to the hour, with early start times, and precise inspection times, all geared to keeping you out of your house for the  least amount of time, while still doing the job right. When the timing is right, you need only be out one night, and that is what Astro Termite does for you.


Astro Termites’ trucks have wireless internet, computers, and printer capabilities, so they can work you up a detailed estimate on the spot, and present it to you the same day. Astro staff are always available during work hours by cell phone, text or email.  They always answer their cell phones (unless talking to a customer) and respond to during-business-hours texts and emails within 30 minutes or less.


Astro Termite absolutely guarantees to solve your termite problem properly, and for the price quoted. We warranty our work (duration of warranty varies by type of treatment – ask for details at time of estimate), so if the problem returns during the warranty period, we come back and re-treat the problem – cheerfully, with no hassles, and no extra charge.