Local Drywood Termite Treatments

When a termite inspection reveals that you have dry-wood termites infesting just a few areas of your structure, local treatments can be the most effective and affordable way to eradicate them.

  • Wood Injection with Termidor SC® – Small holes are drilled into the termite damaged boards near the visible damage, and then Termidor SC®, a termiticide, is injected into the holes. The termiticide soaks into the wood and travels to the termite galleries where it kills all the termites in the colony.
  • Wood Injection with Orange Oil® – If you prefer a natural alternative for your local treatment, we can perform wood injection using Orange Oil®. Extracted from the rind of an orange, this citric acid proves fatal to dry-wood termites, and allows you to treat a termite problem without the use of traditional pesticides.
  • Termiticidal Foam treatment – If termites have infested inaccessible wall space voids, we will add a foaming agent to Termidor SC® or Orange Oil® and then inject the foam into the wall.

Astro Termite will assess the condition of your home and recommend the treatment that we feel is best in order to properly exterminate the termites from your home. We specialize in all forms of termite treatment and termite control.

Astro Termite services all cities in Orange County and we also service south Los Angeles County. Call today for your free termite inspection.

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