Termite Control Services

Astro Termite specializes in all forms of termite treatment in Orange County and south Los Angeles County. After a thorough termite inspection, we will recommend the best treatment method to rid your home of all termites. We recognize that all homes are unique so we will design a customized treatment plan only after our inspection.

Some homes will only require local treatment if there are just a few areas where the termites are nesting. We have several different local treatment options including Orange Oil® termite treatment. Other homes that are more infested may require a termite tent fumigation treatment in order to exterminate the termites from your home.

Regardless of which termite treatment is best for your home, it all starts with our free comprehensive termite inspection service. Only then can we design the treatment plan that is best suited for your home. Don’t let the termites win the battle. Protect your biggest asset and call today to arrange for a termite inspection.

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