Case Studies

Astro Termite has an experienced staff that has dealt with every termite treatment situation imaginable.  Please review our case studies below by clicking on the images.

Termites destroyed this wooden deck

Termite Damaged Deck

Over the years our client’s deck was destroyed by termites. The damage was so severe that we had to go in and replace the deck.

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Subterranean Termites Under Slab

Our client had subterranean termites under the slab in the garage. We drilled through the concrete, treated the area for termites and patched the small holes.

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Severely Damaged Wooden Gate

Client had a wooden gate that was severely damaged by termites. We rebuilt the gate and painted it to match before the rest of the fumigation took place.

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Termite Damaged Roof Board

Our client had a termite damaged roof board on his house that was due to be tented. We were able to replace this damaged board without damage to the roof!

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