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Termite Control Irvine

Termite Control Irvine

Astro Termite is specially trained and qualified to solve your termite control problems in Irvine, California. Our staff of technicians are highly trained in all of the latest techniques and products to effectively treat your home or business for termites.

Termites are a big problem in Irvine, California and if your home is left untreated, termites will cause serious damage. Protect your biggest asset today by calling Astro Termite to arrange for your free termite inspection in Irvine, CA.

Once we inspect your home to see where the termites are, we will be able to recommend the best method possible to treat and effectively exterminate the termites from your house.

If you have termites in only a few spots in your house, we will likely be able to utilize a local termite treatment. If you have termites in several areas of your house, then chances are we will have to perform a full fumigation termite treatment in order to properly take care of the problem. We never recommend a treatment method that will not properly take care of the issue. All of our work is fully and unconditionally guaranteed. That’s how confident we are in knowing that we can fix your termite problem.

Call Astro Termite today to get a free termite inspection in Irvine, CA. You can reach us toll free at 1-888-95ASTRO, or you can also fill out our contact form and we will reply to your requests right away.

Termite Control Irvine

Do you have termites in your house? If you live in Southern California, chances are pretty good that you will have to deal with termites at some point. After all, if we leave them alone and don’t attempt to treat our homes for termites, these little bugs will cause a lot of destruction to your most valuable asset.

Astro Termite specializes in termite control services in Irvine, CA. In fact, Astro Termite services the entire Orange and south Los Angeles County areas.

First, Astro Termite will perform a free comprehensive termite inspection to determine the extent of your termite issue. Sometimes after performing our termite inspection we determine that there are no termites present in the home. But often times, houses will have at least a few termites that should be dealt with. If your home has only small areas of termites and they are in locations that are accessible, we will be able to perform a local dry-wood termite treatment. If this is the case, there are multiple methods we use to treat for termites locally, including the use of Orange Oil®. For more information on the various local termite treatments, please visit our local dry-wood treatment page.

Sometimes, after we perform our free termite inspection, we find that homes are more severely infested and require a tent fumigation service in order to properly treat for termites. This is most often the case if we find several areas where the termites are nesting and particularly, if they are in areas that are either difficult or impossible to access. A full tent termite fumigation treatment will be necessary in these cases. For more information on how this termite control service works in Irvine, please visit our termite fumigation page.

All of the quality termite  control services provided by Astro Termite comes with an unconditional guarantee. Ask about the details of this guarantee when you call for your free termite inspection in Irvine. Call today – 1-888-95ASTRO or fill out our contact form.